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So, you’re on Twitter and you’re looking to find out what’s been going on while you were away. Do you read everything you see while frantically scrolling? No, that would take you hours and you don’t have that time to waste, do you? Instead, you read those tweets that are concise, fun and engaging, don’t you?

Remember this when you’re writing your own tweets – whether it’s for your work or you as an individual – remember to keep your time-sensitive audience in mind when you’re tweeting Share on X.

According to Statista – there are over 328 million Twitter users. Out of these, there are a number of accounts which have a greater influence than others. While popularity, will, of course, play a massive role in this, it does also come down to how they use the social platform.

Getting it right

Let’s take a look at HOW people with influence use Twitter, for either personal or business purposes:

What do you notice about this tweet?

most influential tweet

  • Text – The Nelson Mandela quote is powerful and everyone can relate in some way – making it inclusive and sharable.
  • Image – Has a huge impact on the audience, pressing the ‘feels’ button. You immediately feel more inclined to pass on the message, whether it’s to make your business look humane, or simply to share how it made you feel.
  • Following – Look at who wrote the tweet: no wonder it’s THE most successful tweet of all time!
  • Social influence – The number next to his name is the ‘Klout’ score, this reflects (on a scale of 1-99) how influential the account is, with 1 having no impact at all, and 99 being the most highly influential.

On a local level

Take a look at Isabel Hospice’s twitter profile, what do you notice?

Isabel Hospice Twitter

  • Display picture – the company logo is nice and clear, which lets people know what they’re looking at and makes it more recognisable. Never leave the space blank or add an irrelevant image.
  • Description – focuses on what they do as a charity. The use of keywords makes them more likely to be searched for and lets the right people know what exactly they do.
  • Background image – high quality photo, which captures what you do and gets your message across. Avoid dull colour schemes, and stay on brand as much as possible.
  • Location location location – You’re not hiding something are you? Then why be so secretive – let them know where you’re based!


Lastly, you’ve got to reflect personality through your brand’s tone of voice and create conversations in order to create engagement… even if you’re trying to wind someone up, like BBC Three tried to do, though it didn’t go so well for them…                                           

BBC Three Twitter

  • Creating conversation – by mentioning another business, perhaps one of interest, you’re likely to spark engagement. This is a good way of reaching out to certain people and establishing a connection.
  • Response – It may seem like common courtesy, but if someone asks a question, you answer/help them when possible. This is social after all, so it pays to be helpful.
  • Fun and engaging – use emotive, expressive language alongside emojis in order to press the ‘feels’ button and let them know that you’re no different from the rest of the world!

To conclude, Twitter can be used interchangeably switching between your work and personal life. However, the way in which it is used does not change. In short, if you want to be influential in getting your message across, then you must adhere to the ‘Twitter lifestyle’.

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