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The author Jon Acuff once said: “90 per cent perfect and shared with the world always changes more lives than 100 per cent perfect and stuck in your head”. I think that’s so true. What’s the point of knowing stuff and not sharing it, trying it out, testing it and enhancing it? And so I share my new-found insights from a recent Social Media Conference #SocialDay18 that our Team attended.

At Cariad, we just love learning new ways of doing everything and we are constantly testing and trying different approaches. And being social, we’re here to share with you what works best.

Tips from Social Day Conference


Know much about Instagram Stories? At the Social Day Conference I met @teresa_heathwareing, who has a website link on her Instagram bio that generates 25% of her click throughs to her website. And she’s pretty new to Instagram with less than a 1,000 followers so what insights did she have to share?

#Variety Keep your content style relevant and interesting

We all know this, but if you’re finding your engagement levels dropping, switch up your content style. Swap long captions for shorter ones or vice versa. Try asking questions to ignite conversation. Tell a funny story. Share a goal. Lead in with an answer to a frequently asked question.

#Be Creative

Play around with your filter and alter your post times. Post some photos/videos over the course of a few days, edit them with two or three different filter styles and compare which content works best. Look at your best performing posts over that period and identify the top performing posts. Change up your post times and surprise your followers with new posting times for a few weeks, then go and check to see which work best for you.

Know much about Instagram Stories? At the #SocialDay2018 Conference I met @teresa_heathwareing, who has a website link on her Instagram bio that generates 25% of her click throughs to her website! Click To Tweet


Come up with 3-5 new lists of hashtags and rotate them each time you post. After 1-2 weeks, check your analytics to see which hashtags have performed best for you.

#Stay Inspirational

See what is working for accounts with a similar target market to you. At Cariad, we use a clever scheduling tool Sprout which allows us to take a look at similar accounts/competitors and view their growth, best performing content, hashtags etc. This allows you to stay on top of what’s successful with your targeted audience and ensure you constantly keep your Instagram account fresh, relevant and up to date.

#No to hard sell. Yes to relationships

One of the best ways to increase brand trust and make your audience want to buy your products or services is to share behind-the-scenes content that involves your team in your stories. Those faces are the ones that are going to help you to sell more on Instagram Stories. Why? They are your best brand ambassadors. Those team members know your customers your brand and know exactly what to say that is going to be music to your audience’s ears.

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