What to Look for when Choosing a Web Developer

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choosing a web developer

Choosing a Web Developer can be a very laborious task, especially when you know little about how websites are actually made. This makes choosing the right developer so much more important as this person is building the home to house all of your Digital Marketing activity.

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So what are the potential pitfalls of Choosing a Web Developer that you might come across?

Can Your Developer Help You Once They’ve Built Your Website?

This one’s quite self-explanatory. Some people still see websites as a one off; once it’s build, it’s done. But we always compare a website to a house at Cariad…“So you’ve built your house, it’s time to send out the house-warming invitations” besides, even the best of houses need the occasional bit of maintenance. The same applies to a website; every now and again it needs a little bit of TLC, therefore you want to make sure your Web Developer is still around to help you out.

Another reason for this is that every developer ‘builds a house’ slightly differently, which means when you need to tamper with the website, they’re the best ones to do it.

If Your Developer Can Help,  What Will They Charge and How?

One thing to be wary of when talking to various Web Developers is how they are going to charge you. Some Developers will opt to charge you on a project basis – “what changes do you want and how much that is going to cost you?” Compared to this, other Developers will charge you on an hourly basis. This could be especially problematic if you don’t know much about Web Development as you don’t know how the work will likely take! Which means getting an estimate of the work is your best friend

What Does the Web Developer’s Portfolio Look Like?

From their portfolio you will be able to see the sort of experience they have, whether their previous clients are of a similar mould to your business and ultimately if they’re equipped to deal with your demands. From this you’ll also be able to get an idea for the style of the designer and this is where a ‘User-Centred Design’ should kick in. A ‘User-Centered Design’ does what it says on the tin. Although you want someone with a keen artistic edge, you also want a Web Designer to bear in mind the end user, as they might not appreciate the artistic touch of your Designer.

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Cariad’s client portfolio

Do They Provide Training?

Getting hold of your Web Developer can sometimes be tricky, especially if it’s a particularly small design firm or a one man band. Therefore having the opportunity to set aside some time, and get them to train you on the basics of blogging or just general content updates would be great. This would also save you money as the alternative would be paying them to do it for you, which could easily be avoided!

Another important thing to remember here is the type of CMS (Content Management System) your developer likes to use/will use to build your website. For example, at Cariad Marketing, we like to use WordPress as this is not only a user and SEO friendly program, but also from a design perspective, it allows for a bespoke and creatively designed website. Make sure you understand why they are using that CMS and that if you want, they offer training so that you can use it yourself.

Will They and How Will They Monitor Your Website?

This is something you should ask to them directly, if you do not have much knowledge of Digital Marketing or Web Design you might get quite a ‘techy’ answer, in which case you should definitely raise your hand and ask a question or two to make sure you understand what your Developer will do. You should be hearing words like “Bounce Rate”, “Click Through Rates” (CTR), and “Conversion Rates” which are all on the money. Having more data about your website will allow you to make better decisions on how to grow it.

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So there you have it! If your Web Developer ticks all those boxes then it sounds like you’re on to a winner. But if you think I’ve left something out or have any questions about Web Development or maybe you’re looking to use Cariad as your go to for all web-related things. In which case you can call us on 01992 551 023 send an email to welcome@CariadMarketing.com or drop into the office and speak to a member of the team.

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