How to deal with loveable pests: The purr-fect web build

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How to deal with loveable pests: The purr-fect web build

Concept Research ltd

Those wily foxes in Cariad’s website design department have not been deterred by the amount of work they’re doing, and another new website has gone live.

This time, the client, Concept Research, needed something a little more complex than the websites we usually build. Concept Research required an ecommerce site to sell its ultrasonic animal deterrents direct to the consumer, both in the UK and internationally.

One aspect of the animal deterrents the client was very keen to illustrate is that their products are humane. The deterrents work by emitting short blasts of ultrasonic sound which are unpleasant enough for the animals to want to escape – by leaving the garden. We demonstrated the animal-friendly nature of the products by sourcing stunning photographs of cats and foxes for the Home page.

About Concept’s ultrasonic pest deterrents

The owners of Concept Research understand that while animal lovers might be delighted to see foxes in the wild, they are less pleased to find them rummaging in their bins or digging up their gardens. That is why they developed the humane ultrasonic deterrent.

It is the same for cats – if you do not own a cat yourself and don’t want the neighbourhood moggies using your garden as their bathroom or your bird table as their larder, an ultrasonic cat deterrent will keep them away. The CATWatch deterrent has been tested and approved by the RSPB and will not disturb birds.

The concept also produces deterrents specifically aimed at other animals, such as mice and marders. And some products also have additional LED lights which are triggered by motion sensors.

Concept has been manufacturing humane animal deterrents for more than 25 years and the owners are proud of the fact that all their products are made in the UK. Most of the deterrents are designed for outdoor use and can be powered by batteries or mains electricity.

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