Growing Your Business During the Holiday Season

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How to develop your business when all your leads are on holiday

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We’ve hit that time of year when people are either just about to go on holiday, are on holiday, or just catching up and coming back from holiday.

It’s not just the people who are away that are non-contactable. Their absence means their colleagues have to cover their work and meetings will not be a priority when they have an inbox full of other people’s work to cover. This means that generally, this is NOT a good time to develop your business… or is it?

There are plenty of things you can do now that will help you develop your business lead generation, even when you’re receiving lots of “out of office” notifications:

1. Housekeeping

This is a perfect time to ensure that your company’s housekeeping is in order. Use the time to clear your inbox, unsubscribe from unnecessary emails and get shredding! Clearing mess and distractions around you means that your mind is sharpened and you’re able to focus on getting the new business in.

2. Categorise your leads

Over the past few months, you’ve been collecting lots of new business leads (good and bad) that are sitting in your inbox and either need follow-up or closing. This is a great time to go through them. Be ruthless. Is that lead really the one you want? What is the value of the client you’ve been chasing for months? Prioritise the leads, and work out which ones will need the most focus from you when everyone is back from work.

3. Create Content

As soon as you’ve worked out which leads you’ll be prioritising, think of ways you can show why your company is the best one for them to work with. Work out what your leads’ pain-points are and what they might need from you, then create content, such as blogs, that will demonstrate how you would be able to help. That way they’ll have a better idea that you’re the right company for them before you meet them, and it could also attract the attention of other leads with similar problems.

4. Knowledge is power

Is there a gap to your expertise that you need to fill? Use this time to hone in on this and enroll in a short online course, and give yourself the expertise to dazzle your target market! Time spent doing this means you’ll be able to bring your new skills to the table and get clients you wouldn’t normally get.

5. Ask for referrals

Your biggest fans are your current clients/customers. Take this time to send an email asking for a review or referral. If you’re feeling cheeky, you could even offer to write it for them so all they have to do is review and approve it. By doing this, come September, you’ll hopefully have lots of people coming your way.

If you would like to find out more about how to capitalise on leads during the holiday period, get in touch with a digital marketing expert today!

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