How to set up facebook ad account

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How to set up facebook ad account

Facebook advertising is something your company needs to seriously consider, and there are some compelling reasons why it should.

Facebook is the largest social media platform – globally, there are well over 2.38 billion active Facebook users, the majority of whom check their Facebook profile every day. Even more compelling is the fact that Facebook advertising is the most targeted, enabling you to reach your target audience by location, age, interests etc. This makes Facebook Ads very cost efficient and is likely to give you a much better ROI than most other forms of advertising.

If you decide that Facebook Ads is right for your company, here’s our handy ‘how to’ guide on setting up your account.

First steps – Facebook Business Manager

NB: If you have already got a Facebook Business Manager account, skip ahead to the Second steps section.

Before you can create a Facebook Ads account, you first need a Business Manager account. If you have not already got one, head to to create it. Click ‘Create Account’ – you need to be logged into Facebook already with the account your business page is linked to.

create new facebook ads account

Once you have clicked ‘Create Account’ you will be asked to input your details – remember this is not creating a new Facebook page.

facebook account management

You will then need to add your company page to the business account.

You will see a blue button ‘Add Page’. Click here and the page your account is linked to will appear in a drop down.

And there you have it, your Facebook Business Manager is set up.

Second Steps – Creating Your Ad Account

At the top right of the Business Manager account home screen, there is a button that says ‘Add Ad Account’ – click on this.

Click on the option to create a new ad account, then follow the steps.

Make sure you select the correct currency as this is something that cannot be changed. If you select the wrong currency, it can become very confusing and off-putting for customers, not to mention expensive because of the conversion rates.

Giving access to third parties

If you work with an agency or have somebody else running your ads for you, you will need to give them access to your accounts.

There are a few ways to do this, but we think the best way is to give them access to your page enabling them to connect with you as a marketing partner.

Go to your business settings. On the left you will see a ‘Partners’ button – click on this. You will see a blue button that says ‘Add Partner’ – click on this and simply enter the name of the agency, for example, Cariad Marketing.

The agency will then be able to accept the request and start working on your accounts.

Alternatively, the agency can also request to work on your page or ad account – they just need your page name and for the ad account simply give them your ad account number (which is next to your ad account name). If this is done you simply have to accept the request from the left-hand tab on your business settings.

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