How to write awesome marketing copy

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Marketing is a much more subtle (and cheaper) form of advertising. When people are reading your newsletter / leaflet / email / website, they understand your ultimate aim is to get them to spend money on your brand, but they are generally still willing to go along with it… as long as you don’t have too many overt sales messages in it.

Awesome marketing copy is a subtle blend of interesting and useful information written in an engaging way in order to foster interest and help increase brand loyalty.

How do you do that?

Bear in mind who’s reading your copy –

The first thing you have to do is put yourself in your target audience’s shoes so you write copy that will be interesting and informative to them, not necessarily to you. Whilst you know every last detail about what you’re selling, don’t assume that everyone else does too. After all, you’re not interested in the minutiae of other brands, so why should they be of yours?

Assume they know nothing about you –

Forget you find your business is the most interesting thing ever and you’re fascinated by every teeny tiny detail, do you honestly think that other people are going to be that engrossed in it too? Or let’s put it another way – are you all that interested in the minutiae of theirs? Of course not! So don’t blind them with science or bore them with details. You’re trying to position yourself as the trust expert satisfying the needs of clients who are looking to you for guidance. So keep your copy short and simple (but not simplistic).

Don’t be salesy –

If every newsletter, email or social media post you write is an obvious sales message, you’re going to lose readers quicker than Road Runner outwits Wile E. Coyote. When you’re writing about things that are not even about your products and services, what you’re doing is engaging people and making them more interested in you – and if they like you, they’ll take an interest in your brand. If you’re sending out a newsletter, for instance, keep the sales message to an absolute minimum and produce something that will be of genuine interest to the reader, otherwise there’s no point in spending all that effort producing it in the first place. Write a short report on an item of industry news and comment on it, or something that’s happening locally, or write news about what your staff members are getting up to, especially if they’ve been involved in charity work or fundraising.

Awesome marketing copy is a subtle blend of interesting and useful information written in an engaging way in order to foster interest and help increase brand loyalty. #copy #copywriting Share on X

Keep it credible –

Trust is a vital element in brand loyalty, so always write truthful, honest copy in order to position yourself and your brand as authoritative, responsible and principled.

Tell them what to do next –

When someone’s finished reading your copy what would you like them to do next? Do you want them to ‘click here for more information’, ‘click here to buy/book’, or ‘sign up for your newsletter’ etc? If so, instruct them what to do and make it easy for them to do it. If you hyperlink the ‘click here’ to the wrong page, people won’t bother to look for the right page.

Ask Cariad to do it for you –

OK, so yes, this is my call to action bit. So if you’re not interested in getting in touch click here to see a photo of a cute puppy instead. On the other hand, if the thought of writing website copy, newsletter copy, social media posts etc makes your head spin, ring us on 01992 582 824 to see how we can help.

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