The importance of changing your business’ social media page banners

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Your business’ social media pages can attract a lot of attention. It is therefore important to display exciting and relevant custom-designed banners and covers to grab the attention and affection of your customers.

Creating banners which emphasise the current season or an upcoming event is also significant. Your business’ creativity can give your company a professional yet, friendly touch.


(Above, a Halloween banner I recently designed for Cariad).

The distribution of your innovative banners can correspondingly attract further views to your company which can spark discussion and opinions through comments, tweets and social media site sharing. As we know, the more people we have talking about our business, the more potential customers we are going to make.

So what are you waiting for?

Cariad Marketing would be delighted to help with your banners. But, maybe you’re feeling creative? Why not have a go at creating your very own?

  • Twitter banner dimensions – Width: 1500 px Height: 421 px
  • FaceBook banner dimensions – Width: 851 px Height: 315 px

You can download these useful design programs; Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator which last up to thirty days. These programs, strongly recommended by James (of the Cariad Team) not only make it easier to design your social media banners but also give you greater freedom to be innovative and original.

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