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Increasing your company’s presence on LinkedIn is a great way to enhance its profile within the business community. So it’s time you learnt to love LinkedIn! You’ll see so many great benefits from doing this, from increased engagement to making your business look more credible when people are applying for jobs.

Simply posting on the page alone won’t be enough though, so here are a few simple tips and tricks that will help your profile shine.

Optimise your profile correctly

The optimisation includes having a profile picture, cover photo, correct description of what your company does, as well as all your contact details. Make sure everything is branded and showcases your company in a professional light. Any images you use need to represent how you want people to think of the business – don’t think you have to change how you want your business to be perceived according to the platform, always be as consistent and streamlined as possible. You can also add hashtags into your business description so people can find the company easier when searching. You will also find that hashtagging in your posts brings them to the top of the page as community hashtags.

Posts – it’s all about the messaging

When posting, make sure that the posts are saying something that people can relate to – just talking about your services isn’t enough. This could be a post as simple as explaining how your product or service can help them or the company they work for. Another way to get people to relate to your posts is to not talk about your products or services – talk about the news, a good video, a funny meme, or something that you would be interested in. Before you do, ask yourself: “Is it giving the right message about the brand? Would I share this on my own LinkedIn page?” If the answer is no, don’t post it.

Team effort

Get everyone in your team on board with liking, sharing and commenting on your LinkedIn posts. The more love they give the company page, the quicker the page will grow and the more people will then find out what your company has to offer. This will also benefit their personal profiles and show how important it is for your business to be part of a community. It’s also best practice to make sure that everyone who works in your business has connected their current job role to your business as this will enable people to find the company page through their personal profiles.

Blow your own trumpet

Celebrate success on the company page, sometimes even the silly stuff. The company profile acts as a hub where you can showcase your business and make everyone see how well the business and individuals are doing, as this is great shareable and engaging content. Any post that involves a person will see an influx of comments from people they know as well as colleagues, so be sure to tag them – it means that more people will ultimately see the post.

Share other business’s successes on your company page too! Whether it’s clients, people you have previously worked with, or just companies you like, this is a great way to show the versatility of the business and make people resonate better with your company.

Share your vacancies

Another thing you should always share on the company LinkedIn profile is your job vacancies. This is highly shareable content that people will want to engage with and is one of the main purposes of LinkedIn. As a rule, people will always check the company page when applying for a job so they can understand the business a little bit better.

Overall there are many ways you can give your company LinkedIn profile a little more love. Even just by starting to do one of these things, you will see a big improvement in the performance of the page. And if you ever need any help with getting your profile noticed you don’t have to look very far…

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