Is SEO Dead? (Spoiler Alert: No!)

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is seo dead

Despite claims of the impending demise of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), it is statistically proven that SEO remains an essential resource in content marketing. And consequently, in your digital marketing strategy.

SEO faces various misconceptions that are confusing, especially if you’re on the fence about putting some money behind optimisation efforts. This guide will explore the common myths surrounding SEO’s downfall and why it’s in fact still worth investing in SEO in 2024.

Debunking common misconceptions about SEO’s demise

Myth: Keywords don’t matter anymore

There have been rumours that keywords don’t matter for SEO. This stemmed from ambiguous blog titles like “Do keywords still matter”and “What keywords matter in 20XX” etc. These came about from a Google algorithm update whereby Google learned to improve its understanding of the semantics behind a search query.

Plus, as search engines are mastering AI, controversy is spreading about the importance of keywords.

Truth: Keywords are still useful but content written for humans is better

Google has said that content should be written for humans, provide value and not include a ton of keywords. In short, Google values high-quality content that is engaging, draws from other sources (but doesn’t copy) and is insightful. And by default, a well-written piece of content that covers the topic in detail will naturally include keywords.

Myth: SEO is pointless

While your website may generate a good amount of traffic, a Google update or experiment with Search Engine Results Page (SERP) layouts causes changes and affects rankings. Some SEO professionals worry that search algorithms only benefit popular market leaders. So if you’re a small business then there’s no point in trying to catch up to competitors.

Truth: SEO is evolving

SEO has been changing and developing since it was brought into existence in 1997, almost 27 years ago. What worked in the early 2000s didn’t work in the 2010s and so on. Many SEO practices have become outdated but they are replaced with more current strategies and tactics. So it’s important not to panic when what worked in SEO two or three years ago doesn’t work today. You simply need a capable and innovative SEO agency that will keep on top of these changes.

Myth: External linking drives traffic away

You may ask yourself, why should you direct people to other sites if you can keep them on your page? Many SEO amateurs believe this to be true and fail to include credible sources (from other websites) in their content.

Truth: Outbound links help to add page authority

Linking to other pages does not lower the page ranking, rather they are indicative of authority and credibility. Google has a special algorithm that can detect potentially harmful topics known as Your Money or Your Life (YMYL) topics. And external linking is especially important for YMYL ranking factors. 

Moreover, the importance of outbound links is only growing in the era of Google AI integrations and Generative Search Experience. This is because AI has to monitor the authority of information it receives to accurately place content in higher positions. The key is to link to relevant pages and don’t neglect the quality of your content.

Why SEO is still crucial in the digital landscape

SEO helps your business to rank higher in organic search results when customers search for relevant keywords. And this is not going to change anytime soon. Google is here to stay and so is the need for a fully optimised website. With more and more customers turning to Google to find information, it’s essential that businesses have a strong online presence. 

SEO tactics will help you to stand out from competitors and the sooner you start, the greater your long-term success will be. Remember that you have to play the long game with SEO and that involves constituency, tenacity and data-driven decisions.

A forward-thinking SEO agency that will grow with your business

“Organic traffic (not ads) still accounts for the majority of clicks on search engine. But we have to remain aware of the increase in advertising space and the impact this has on our clients.” – David Skinner, SEO & PPC Training Manager at Cariad

Our team of friendly experts by your side will keep you up to date with the latest in SEO. You will also be advised on the best moves to make regarding your website’s traffic, conversion rate, content plan and more. 

Get in touch today to chat about your SEO plans.

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