5 effective online lead generation strategies

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online lead generation

5 effective online lead generation strategies

Lead generation strategies

In the last blog, we talked about how online lead generation can help your business. In this blog, we’re going to look at some proven online strategies that will help you generate and quantify new leads.

Special offers –

Everyone loves a special offer, and whether you’re offering money off your products or services, BOGOFF deals or free gifts, you’re bound to get leads. Shout about your special offers on social media and also invest in boosting your social media posts, as well as using Pay Per Click advertising

Competitions –

By offering a free prize draw or a competition that involves a task or answering questions, you’ll get more brand awareness. The more impressive the prize, the more likely it is that you will get more engagement on social media, including shares. And whilst the majority of the people entering the competition will only have their eye on the prize, you are making more people aware of your brand, and will get lead generation as a result.

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Downloads –

Many B2B companies offer free information in the form of reports, but in return ask you for your details. The advantages are that you can keep this on your website for as long as you want, meaning it’ll be ticking away in the background at all times, and because it will only appeal to people genuinely interested in the information, so the leads are more likely to be fruitful ones.

Webinars –

One way of getting new leads is to host a webinar. It’s particularly useful as you will reach a much wider audience than would normally be able to attend events physically held at your premises, or going to see you do a presentation at networking events (many of which are members-only).

eNewsletter –

Another way of engaging potential clients and customers with a view to generating leads is by encouraging people to sign up for your regular newsletter. If you make your newsletters interesting and engaging enough, your potential clients are more likely to read them, and therefore will be more likely to take up offers.

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