Leading Innovators of Holistic Digital Marketing 2021

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Leading Innovators of Holistic Digital Marketing 2021

It’s time to break out the Champagne because we’ve won another award! We were thrilled to be announced as Leading Innovators of Holistic Digital Marketing in the 2021 Greater London Enterprise Awards which celebrate Greater London’s finest businesses. 

This is the fifth year of the awards, but the win is more meaningful given the challenges of the past 18 months. According to the organisers of the Awards: “Small and medium-sized businesses operating from the UK’s bustling hub have continued to provide the services and products we demand, despite the immensely challenging COVID-19 pandemic. Many Greater London SMEs and micro-businesses have used the changing circumstances to adapt and diversify their business offerings and processes, finding new ways to fill the gaps in our lifestyles as a result of national lockdowns.” In fact, despite a terrible start to 2020, Cariad has come back stronger than ever before. 

Need we even point out that our MD, Justine Perry, is delighted with the win? “Doing our best for our clients is what motivates us, and to win an award after such a difficult few months is a testament to both our business model and our wonderful team.” 

So what is holistic digital marketing? 

At Cariad, we’ve always been adamant that we can achieve greater things for our clients by offering them an all-around service. Our digital marketing campaigns are results-driven based on KPIs and your business’s objectives. With an in-house team, it’s easy to give our clients what they need, as soon as they need it. In other words, we take a holistic approach to our digital marketing

Having a holistic approach gives us the flexibility to chop and change what we do to fit in with your company’s needs. With new clients, we’ll recommend a regular work schedule based on your needs, but if, for example, we start to see that improving your SEO is more important than creating the new content planned for in your regular schedule, we’ll change things around a bit that month. So we may use the time to tidy up the back end of your website and boost your online profile, or at a different time, you may benefit from an extra blog or a different type of content. With an in-house team, it’s easy for us to cover all your bases as and when necessary, boosting your website’s profile at the same time as sticking to your monthly budget. 

And given that the nominees entered for the Awards were judged on reputation, commitment, innovation, determination, and industry contribution, we think we’ve got it right!

Awards are like buses… 

The one disappointment of winning the Greater London Enterprise Awards Leading Innovators of Holistic Digital Marketing 2021 was that there was no glittering awards night we could dress up for… So we’ll just have to make do until 28th October when we’re nominated in no less than three categories for the 2021 SME Hertfordshire Business Awards – Business Chameleon, Business of the Year less than 50 Employees, and Best Customer Service (public vote – if you’re reading this before 13th October, there’s still time to click here and vote for us, hint hint). 

And, of course, if you want to know more about our award-winning digital marketing services, get in touch

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