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Collectively,  we Marketing folk have all been trained to believe that marketing ROI is a simple formula with a straightforward solution.  So traditionally,  we’ve probably all looked at cost per impression, cost per click, cost per lead, and cost per sale… but, today’s consumer marketplace is more complex and our savvy online users expect something more. To have a real Klout, you’ll need a digital presence that includes:

1. A  responsive website that conveys your rich history that consumers can research for themselves. Tell your story.

2. Active and engaging social media platforms

Let’s look at some of the different platforms, their role and relevance.

It’s obvious of course, but keep your existing and new target audience centre stage of all that you do and you will succeed.


Did you know that Facebook is the ‘stickiest’ of all the social media platforms with average users spending 7+ hours monthly online? Through Facebook, your consumers will get to know all about your ‘personality’ and witness what their friends and family think of your company, your products and services. They will also want to see who in their network is connected to you and feel that love and endorsement.

In April 2015,  in a study run by Manta where US small business owners (SBO) were asked about marketing to Millennials, social media was far and away the most popular channel cited by 54.9% of SBO respondents. Websites/blogs and email followed. Unsurprisingly, Facebook was the top social platform, cited by nearly two-thirds as the most-used network for communicating specifically to millennials. (eMarketer).

#DidYouKnow the very first #hashtag ever used was “#barcamp on 23 August 2007 and it was used to gauge interest in hashtags! On Twitter, millions of people are talking about products and services daily. You really need to make time to build a powerful targeted audience. If you haven’t got the resources, hire them.   Okay, here comes the plug but it’s all true, believe me.

We can deliver real targeted followers that want to hear from you. In less than 60 seconds we can set up an account. We research the keywords your customer uses or you tell us and we get right on with tweeting on your behalf.  In terms of results, you’ll have increased engagement, real targeted follower growth, more retweets, higher visibility and authority. Your Klout value will increase accordingly. In fact, Cariad Marketing clients are seeing a 3-4 times increase in their Twitter follower growth in less than 90 days. Talk to us.

Instagram can be used to provide one-second stories and short videos. For fashion brands, Instagram crushes other social sites for engagement, at 0.63% (eMarketer).  Consumer opinion networks such as TripAdvisor, OpenTable, etc and other platforms, Pinterest, You Tube, Tumblr etc as dictated by the target audience, all need to be managed as part of an overall social media strategy which is relevant to your audience. LinkedIn is like your permanent business card and shows its value in lead generation, brand awareness and company branding. It is serious, corporate and qualified.

Let's get social
Let’s get social

The overall point is, you have to have that digital presence. Stop drawing a line from A to B on attribution and recognise that there is a more important cost. The cost of NOT doing social media.

Erich Marx, Director of Digital Marketing for Nissan North America explains this cost of not doing and the importance of having a social media presence.  He claims, “I’m not dismissing ROI — because it’s always important — but we’re not about to cut back or dismiss social media because we can’t define it.”

Interestingly, the average consumer claims they aren’t influenced by social media for purchasing decisions but use it instead to talk to friends and family.  However, consumers rely on word of mouth for purchasing decisions. Therefore, consumers ask their friends and family for referrals all the time on social platforms.

How many times have you seen someone in your network post something asking for referrals?

  • 58% of consumers actively share their positive experiences (with a company or brand) on social media, and ask family and friends for their opinions.
  • 48% of consumers think social media posts created by others in their networks are a good way to discover new products, brands, trends, or retailers.
  • 81% of consumers are influenced by their friends’ social media posts.

If you aren’t on the relevant platform with an active, updated profile that the consumer can research you without leaving the platform then you’ve lost them. And the effort to regain them is costly and time-consuming. Get it right at the start and the only way is up. Talk to us.

The three most important metrics are reach, engagement, and conversions (or some version of those depending on the brand). Keep things simple to avoid analysis paralysis but do measure.

Things you need to do now.

  • Be clear on the role of social media within your organisation. Set objectives.
  • According to the goals, add appropriate KPIs to measure the real performance. Use additional tools and platforms to use higher quality data.
  • Quality content is not enough in itself, it has to be different from the competitors’.
  • Keeping up with the trends is hard work but I’d recommend experimenting with new features and emerging social media platforms, because great opportunities could lie there. And of course we can help with that!
  • Brands need two-way communication with fans, if they want to increase trust among them and build long-term relationship… with a view to marriage!  People dislike faceless companies, social media is a human-to-human communication. Show off your personality and allow folk to know who you are and why they should know you.

Finally,  I leave you with a question which I can answer of course…

Q –  Have you got a strong Social Media presence?  And can you show attribution for your social media campaigns?

A –  We can help you with both. For certain, we have the knowledge, expertise, time and Klout but also we’re passionate about what we do and what we can do for you.

Remember the benefit of Social Media is not just financial. Your goal may be about lead generation but it can equally be about raising awareness, creating a personality, showcasing your expertise…

Remember also that you don’t have one single target audience. Segmentation is time-consuming, but it is a must-have in order to target better and deliver the right message to the right people.

Let’s get social working for you.  Did I mention talk to us? We’d love to hear from you.

Call Mary on 01992 582824 or 07866 556268 or tweet us at @CariadMarketing

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