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Marketing agency customer relationship

Marketing agency customer relationshipDigital marketing agencies are specialists in digital PR communications. They work to form relationships with companies, just like yours, to help achieve goals and business objectives.

Objectives vary from company to company, but examples include: generating leads for sales teams, raising awareness of products and services, growing brand awareness, driving traffic through to your website, all which ultimately turn into sales, or maybe you have a store and are looking to raise visibility online to encourage people to visit.

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Two main reasons businesses outsource their digital marketing

Costs tend to be much lower than if a company employed its own digital marketing team.

When using an agency, you tap into a world of knowledge and experience; agencies have teams of people, all expert in their fields of digital marketing, from strategists, graphic designers, web developers, content writers, specialists in digital advertising, social media, SEO to Account Managers, who ensure that the goals and objectives of both parties are met, and that projects and campaigns are on track so you can achieve your ROI.

So, this all sounds rather straightforward; you determine your goals and objectives, do some research, find a marketing agency who will take over and do the rest… but there is one more element that sometimes gets overlooked: relationships.

What makes a good client/ agency relationship?

Agencies work in a digital stratosphere to achieve success for their clients, but as ‘digital’ as we are we are, all human, and as humans we like to interact and communicate and the best way we do this is through forging relationships based on trust and honesty. This is achieved through:

Here at Cariad we pride ourselves on the relationships we have with our clients, and through regular meetings and talking with them we understand:

  • What their business and brand is all about
  • What they want to achieve for their business
  • Who their clients are
  • What markets they operate in

So, this is all good. We understand what digital agencies do, why they are good for your business, the benefits they can bring, what makes a good client/ agency relationship and how to achieve this.

But what about results?

Cariad Marketing are great fans of the method known as inbound marketing to attract attention for our clients’ brands and business through gaining attention, building engagement, creating trust and loyalty which ultimately grows repeat custom.

This is achieved through the quality of the content we produce, the skills and experience we have as a team and the promotional tactics we deploy to attract, convert, close and delight customers to take them from strangers to visitors, leads, customers and ultimately promoters of your business.

All our clients have a dedicated account manager who acts as an extension of your in-house team. They love talking to you, finding out all they can about your business, what you do and want to achieve to help you meet your business goals. Contact us to find out more about how Cariad can work with you and your teams.

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