How to make your content go viral

How to make your content go viral

It’s taken months, or maybe even years to get it going, but you’ve finally come up with a successful ad campaign to get your company started. Or maybe you have a really clever photo, or post, or tweet, and you want to get the word out there. In both cases, you want your content to go viral; the bigger question is how can you make your content go viral.

While there’s no “perfect formula” that will guarantee a viral share, there are certain important things to keep in mind that can help you make your content spread fast, across platforms, and cast the largest net possible.

Sharing your online content has to begin with the platforms – and thanks to the modern age where technology is developing faster than companies sometimes, there are many platforms to choose from to get your content going and to start spreading. Ranging from platforms that emphasize content, like Google Plus, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter, to platforms that place an emphasis on more visually appealing platforms like Instagram, Vimeo, Vine and Youtube.

It’s important to have a strong online presence on all of these sites and to take the time to learn the right social media etiquette, so you can post the right content across the right sites. But even more importantly, and what is often glossed over is the cognitive aspect of social media; for many users of social media, tapping into their emotional and psychological preferences is a very good way to catch larger audiences.

Studies have found that users prefer to read and see content that generates positive emotions within them. Make sure you are doing your research and optimize the different ways to catch your viewers’ attention. Here are some important facts to bear in mind that will help get you started:


How to make your content go viral


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