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Making websites fun

We are used to designing and building websites for companies that need to target adults. Then we were approached by Jungle Monkeyz, an indoor soft play area based in Pinner. Their original website was full of bright colours and featured some cartoons, but the client wanted to update its look by adding some animation and injecting a sense of fun into the design so it engaged with their real target market… kids!

The website aims to raise brand awareness in the local area and attract more people to bring their kids to play at Jungle Monkeyz, with particular emphasis on group visits and children’s parties. They also wanted to use it to help the brand stand out in the jungle of competition with something exciting and inspiring.

Challenge accepted!

Following this initial brief, the client pretty much left us to it, trusting that we would do him proud. And we did! Our resident website Tarzan (aka James) swung into action and began monkeying around in WordPress to design a site that would appeal to parents and kids alike.

As soon as you land on the Home page, you’ll see that he has been more than successful. The website features a swinging monkey called Alex, vibrating flowers, stirring snakes and a rather stern sign that shows a wicked side of James we never knew existed!

Bringing a website to life in this way is not an easy process and it became something of a labour of love for James. Unfortunately, time and budget did not allow for more interactive elements, but it shows you what can be achieved with imagination and a can-do attitude.

About Jungle Monkeyz

Jungle Monkeyz is mostly about letting the kids run riot in a safe environment. However, it also offers local primary schools immersive storytelling through a guided experience that helps with curriculum-based learning.

Grown-ups are also well catered for in the Chuen Jungle Café, where they can relax with a coffee while watching their charges play. Rather than just serving snacks that are easy and quick, the café offers food that is always fresh and cooked to order. The menu includes such as fresh pasta and stone-baked pizza, as well as beans, chips and sandwiches, so all ages of monkeyz can feast well.

When it comes to special occasions, there are various party packages available, so the little ones can celebrate their birthdays by letting off steam in the jungle. There are also different food packages, including adult food platters for those who consider themselves too old for jelly and ice cream – although we’re not sure such people exist!

In fact, after working on this fun project, there are some members of Team Cariad who are tempted to lie about their age and go and check out Jungle Monkeyz for themselves…

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