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Importance of mobile design

Gone are the old days of business meetings with legal pads and landline phones, where clients and other businesses would fly across the world just for a meeting, in person. Technology has replaced all of this. Now, business meetings are done across computer screens, via Skype or, even more frequently these days – from mobile phones.

The mobile market is far from finished expanding; it’s developing at a rapid pace, and almost everyone has not just one phone, but also a work phone, a tablet, or a PC dongle. For businesses looking to tap into the mobile market, the opportunities for expansion are forever growing. And now is the time to begin casting your net.

Today, most mobile phones aren’t the old-fashioned flip phones – they’re smartphones with touch screens and a lot of room for Apps and mobile browsing. If you want to get more mobile followers for your brand or your company, it’s important to develop a mobile App for your company that advertises your key selling points in a creative and unique way.

Apps are becoming interesting and fun ways for clients to learn what they need to learn about your company, and the easiest way to engage with anonymous clients quickly. But because Apps are becoming so popular, this also means that the competition for “App space” is fierce – you have to compete against thousands of other big companies, and startups, for your audiences’ attention.

Developing a mobile-friendly website that is easy to access and use on Smartphones might also be an equally effective way of catching attention, and a smart way to stand out in your own way. This infographic helps provide the basics you need to know about the mobile market to get you started and help cast your net even wider:


The importance of mobile design
The importance of considering mobile in website design
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