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Jenny Miller Sports Massage

Building websites aren’t the only projects on our talented design team’s ‘to do’ list. In the case of JM Sports Massage, in addition to the new website, we were also asked to redesign the logo and create designs for stationery, including gift vouchers, and signage.

The client’s previous website was one she had created herself on Wix and was very basic. As she grew her business, she wanted a new, professional website to have more functionality and be a better reflection of her brand. This meant adding pages to attract specific client groups who wouldn’t normally consider sports massage but who could benefit from such treatments, i.e. office workers, the elderly and the young, as well as the sports people who would.

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There are also more information pages about the various treatments on offer which help to position the client as an expert in her field, and also provide a better user experience and more opportunities to help with the organic rankings.

JMSports Massage


JM Sports Massage

JM Sports Massage is run by Jenny Miller, a qualified and experienced sports and remedial massage therapist with an interest in using sports massage to help overall health, wellness and posture-related conditions for people of all ages, strengths and motor abilities.

In addition to sports massage, she provides treatments for stress management, osteopathic conditions, rehabilitation exercises, core strength and muscle testing.

She firmly believes that you don’t have to be an athlete to benefit from sports massage, as everyone is subject to the aches and pains that have ‘everyday’ causes, such as bad posture or sitting at a desk too long, as well as muscle fatigue, stress and muscle overuse.

Jenny is very keen to educate people on using their bodies correctly and will use the blog section of her website to consolidate her position as an authority and pass on useful information relating to sports techniques, posture and health.

If you are currently using an off-the-shelf website builder but would like to upgrade to a more professional, bespoke one with responsive functionality and an easy-to-use content management system, talk to us about building and hosting as well as support and maintenance.

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