A picture paints a thousand words

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A picture paints a thousand words

We all know the saying “a picture paints a thousand words” it’s imprinted in all our minds and often, when we see a unique and meaningful image we realise that it probably does convey what a thousand words could express. But when do when have the time to read a thousand words?

That’s why images are so useful and helpful for digital marketers. And if you own a website or use social media for your business you’re a digital marketer and need to recognise the value of images for your messaging and communications.

Pre-dates digital marketing

Apparently, the familiar phrase started out in life during the second decade of the last century. In 1911 the phrase “Use a picture. It’s worth a thousand words” appeared in a newspaper article in Brisbane and two years later similar wording “One look is worth a thousand words” featured in an American newspaper advertisement.

Clearly, early 20th century communicators and advertisers had recognised the value and contribution a good graphic could make to the effectiveness of their work and that discovery and belief holds true today.

Attention grabbing

Images can be eye catching and capture attention quickly and efficiently whether it’s a familiar logo, a clever cartoon or a beautifully composed photograph. Unlike our 20th century predecessors, who hockney-ipad-drawingdid not have the advantages of having the digital world at their fingertips, in a couple of clicks we can easily include images in our social media posts, email marketing campaigns and, of course, our website pages.

The digital revolution has created opportunities for graphic artists who have embraced this change in their work. In 2012 David Hockney’s exhibition at the Royal Academy in London included digital compositions which had been created, without a traditional paint brush, on his iPad – just one example of a mature artist who now includes digital work as part of his repertoire (see image, right).

And here, at Cariad Marketing, we continue to grow our own creative team which includes James and George, recognising and responding to our clients’ needs for attention grabbing and informative creative work.

Yes, relevant copy and keywords are still important but there’s so much more to online marketing now and colourful images certainly play an increasingly important part.

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