Real networking or networking in real time?

At Cariad Marketing we are true advocates of networking, local networking, and industry networking – if it’s called a networking event we’re probably there! If the event is right for our business of course.

And then there’s virtual networking isn’t there? Isn’t that part of the attraction and benefit of taking part in social media? Well, we think so, in fact, we know so!

Social media provides networking in real time 24/7. Rather than wait for the next event to catch up with industry colleagues and clients past or present you can simply dip into LinkedIn and Twitter to get the latest news and engage with your peers! What better way to congratulate someone on a promotion or work anniversary than react to LinkedIn’s prompt and add a few words of your own?

Your online networking tools

In lieu of breakfast, lunch or evening networking events try the social media alternatives which take place at a time to suit you – 24 hours a day! Here are the three which you should consider:

Of course, virtual networking is not the same as the real thing but used together they can build stronger and more lasting business relationships. And, like networking groups, it’s often best to be selective so don’t spread you social media marketing too thinly, choose carefully.

The marketing advantages

Of course networking groups have huge sales and marketing advantages by providing you with the opportunity to represent your business and extend the reach of your company’s connections. Virtual networking via social media networks has the added advantage of helping you to drive visits to your website provided, of course, through quality copywriting and messaging you make your posts interesting and relevant for your target audience.


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