Social Media and SEO: How they work together

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Social Media and SEO: How they work together

A great social media strategy works hand in hand with Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Both social media and SEO have a common goal: to increase visibility. But they have different tactics to go about achieving this. Bridging the gap between SEO and social media is the best way to maximise your digital marketing efforts and amplify your presence online. 
Here are 6 ways SEO and social media work can together to produce even greater results:

1. Consistent messaging

Synergy in content goes a long way. Using the same language and messaging in all marketing efforts is crucial. SEO-focused keywords can be used in social media posts to really maximise their effects. Voice, tone and keyword usage need to be cohesive while aligning with your brand’s identity. This also helps your target audience to easily identify your brand and strengthen brand awareness.

2. Keyword integration

Keywords are essential for SEO but they are also useful on social media. Your audience will also search for keywords on social media platforms so it’s important to use them in your profile and content. This will help you to reach your audience, boost visibility and optimise content for search engines. It is recommended to conduct keyword research for social media through tracking popular and trending topics within your business’s industry. These can then be used in relevant social media posts as hashtags to further increase your chances of reaching followers.

3. Social sharing buttons on your website

Adding social media buttons to your website allows you to expand the reach of your social media. Social icons invite your website users to check out your business’s profiles where they might choose to follow you. This increases your reach and following and brings awareness to latest offers or products. This is a great way to ensure that people can easily and quickly find your profile, making them aware of your online presence. Plus, it’s a simple tactic to boost sales possibilities.

4. Include website links in your social media content

One of the main benefits of linking your website in social media posts is the potential boost in traffic. By providing a direct pathway to your website, you encourage followers to explore your products or services further. This can be applied in a number of ways from including CTAs in your post captions to putting links in video content. 

Ultimately, having links between your social media accounts and website will improve your business’s online presence and positively affect search rankings. 

5. Optimise social profiles

Just like you would optimise your website pages, you need to audit your social media profiles to ensure they reflect your website’s SEO strategy. Your social media bio or description is the first thing users see when visiting your profile. Make sure to include relevant keywords and showcase your brand’s personality. This helps to improve your profile’s visibility in search results. Consider adding a CTA in your bio such as “sign up now” or “shop now” to persuade users to take the desired action. And of course, adding your website or landing page link is crucial!

6. Cross-channel promotion

People have different preferences for how they spend their time on the internet. And your customers are everywhere. Social media enables businesses to engage in conversations across a variety of platforms and audiences. SEO informs us what to talk about, how to phrase it and what data points are important. Social media does this in real time. So together there is great potential. Your SEO blogs around quality topics and opinions should be shared across social media channels to leverage the real-time nature of social media. As a result, you will compound SEO efforts and reach audiences at many stages. 

Work with an agency that specialises in social media and SEO

At Cariad, we have mastered the art of marketing integration. We know that in order to get the best results possible, your marketing efforts need to be aligned. Our content and SEO teams work closely together to inform each other, ensuring a holistic approach. 

Contact us on 01992 582 824 to find out how we can help you to integrate your SEO and social media strategies. 

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