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Sustainable PipelinesSustainable Pipeline Systems (SPS) is introducing its game-changing technology for onshore pipeline construction and asked us to build an attractive and fully responsive website that also has the capacity for the future addition of videos, animations and photographs.

The addition of a panoramic image slider on the homepage of the website gives the opportunity for stunning imagery (always a good thing on a website!) which drives home the message that the impact SPS products have on the environment is a lot less than the ‘traditional’ pipeline construction process.

Online the message appears to be subtle, possibly understated, but SPS’s confidence in its products shines through and we think the product comes across as a lot stronger and authentic as a result.

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About SPS
sustainable pipeline technologySo, how do you make a commercial pipeline more environmentally friendly? Usually, pipes are constructed in a steel mill, then taken to a different plant for coating before being taken to the site where they are welded together and lifted into a trench which has to be done with heavy lifting equipment.

SPS pipeline technology cuts out most of the driving and lifting, and all of the welding by using a machine that creates, coats and lays a continuous pipeline in the field by winding steel strips together. As part of the process, it will also apply a monitoring system along the length of the pipe to allow real-time remote monitoring which will immediately flag up any problems at the same time as, vitally, giving an exact location.

The environmental impact required to lay the pipes is minimised in terms of transport and the amount of ground needed for construction sites. As a consequence, it is also a cheaper process and, logistically, makes life simpler for the company in charge of laying the pipeline.

SPS has already had a lot of interest in its technology from the National Grid and a number of construction companies in Oman.

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