The importance of visual content in marketing

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The importance of visual content in marketing

Content marketing is not just about the copy – it includes videos and graphics as well. Visual content is a powerful way to increase engagements and capture the attention of your target audience. It communicates complex ideas, creates emotional connection, and the best part is that images and videos increase shareability.

A picture paints a thousand words, but in a crowded online marketplace, how do you make your messages stand out?

The power of visual content on social media

Visual content, such as imagery and video footage, is much more likely to be shared by not only your target audience, but anyone that can relate to the content piece. It also has a better chance of being remembered and engaged with, because humans, by nature, are highly visual creatures. 

By incorporating visual content into your social media strategy, you set your business up to reach a larger audience. And build your brand in a way that plain copy simply cannot.

When a powerful story or caption is complemented by a captivating image or video on Instagram or Facebook, there’s a better chance of breaking through the noise. You will also be more likely to grab the attention of your target audience. 

Benefits of including visuals in your marketing strategy

Besides capturing the attention of your audience, including visuals in your content marketing strategy can also help you achieve your business goals with these benefits:

Increase engagement 

The human brain processes visual content 60,000 times faster than text. So using images, videos and infographics on social media posts has the power to grab attention and evoke emotions. This will also lead to higher engagement rates – your audience is more likely to like, comment and share your content.

Rank higher on search engines

Incorporating multimedia in your content not only makes it more engaging for users, but also helps search engines like Google to understand the context of your page. And if you add more context to the images, you have a better chance of ranking higher. 

Drive conversions

High quality website images, including product images as well as videos, play an important role in conversion rate optimisation. They can help to attract the attention of website visitors, build trust and subsequently drive conversions. 

Build brand awareness

Visual content has the ability to create a connection with your audience. By using powerful images and videos that inform your audience about your brand, you generate more interest and brand recognition. This is also helpful in building a loyal customer base.

Promote your brand

If you’re looking to promote your post and enhance the chances of your content going viral, consider using Instagram, LinkedIn or Facebook paid promotion tools. TikTok is another platform that offers a unique opportunity for businesses to promote their brand through short-form videos that have the potential to reach the masses.

Brands that have successfully used visual content to increase growth


HubSpot is a marketing platform that has used visual content to educate its audience and build its brand. The company produces a variety of visual content including infographics, videos and webinars to help its users learn about the latest in marketing best practices and stay updated with the latest industry trends.

Source: HubSpot LinkedIn

Red Bull

Red Bull is a brand that is known for its captivating videos of extreme sports and stunts. The brand has used visual content to build a strong brand identity and connect with its audience, allowing it to achieve global recognition and increased market share.

Source: Red Bull LinkedIn


Nike understands the mentality of their target audience and produces inspirational and motivational visual content to showcase their brand. The company often uses photos and videos to showcase everyday moments related to sports, speaking to everyone who has a dream. This has allowed them to build a loyal following and solidify their brand online.

Source: Nike LinkedIn

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