Top 5 most common helpdesk requests

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Top 5 most common helpdesk requests

Having worked on Cariad’s helpdesk for a number of years, I have encountered all sorts of problems, big and small. Anybody in a similar role will tell you that no two days are the same – you could have worked for 30 years and will still encounter new problems! Here are the most common issues and how you can get around them.

“Please add a new mailbox to our account”

A mailbox is simply the address you want your emails to go to, i.e. a new email address. This is probably the most requested task and luckily it is an easy fix. With businesses changing every week, many clients need new mailboxes for new employees. We also get the reverse of this, people leave and clients want the email address to be deleted. We can then either remove this or set up forwarding to another address.

“I have lost my password and need a new one”

Fortunately this is another easy problem for us to deal with – we can do a simple reset. Due to cyber security reasons, when we reset a client’s password, we will send the new one to their mobile number.

“Please add my latest blog to my website”

SEO and content are extremely important to a website’s search engine rankings. While many of our Hosting and Support clients write their own blogs, they may not have the experience in using CMS systems like WordPress. They therefore send their copy over to us to add to the site and give it some basic optimisation. We search for an appropriate image to illustrate it, resizing and compressing it so that it works across all devices and keeps the site speed up. Regular blog updates give your website a fresh feel as well as significantly boosting your search result rankings – why do you think there are so many on the Cariad website!

“Please can you set my email up on my phone?”

This can sometimes be a complicated process and without a client and their device being in front of us, we cannot set this up for them. However, we do have a great instruction tool that is easy and clear for the client to follow, and allows them to set up their email on any device, whether it is a laptop, tablet or phone.

“I am offering a new service/product, can you create a new page?”

Another regular request we get is to create a new landing page on a client’s website, typically to promote a new product, special offer or service. If the client does not want to write their own copy, for an extra fee our brilliant copywriter Sarah will do it as per the brief. We then combine the copy with optimised imagery in a layout similar to the rest of the site in order to give it a consistent feel.

As a helpdesk team, we enjoy problem solving and fixing issues – from the smallest problem to the biggest task, it’s all in a day’s work!

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