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Sarah Smits

As a working woman and Mum in Hertfordshire, I’m interested in business networking, lead generation and growing my potential client list. So when it comes to Social Media I’m constantly thinking about like-minded people – women in Hertfordshire businesses, who may also like to find, follow and share ideas with me. When I first set up my Twitter account, I started to search for these women on Social Media. I’ve built up a great Twitter community (you can follow me @sarah_cariad ) of women in Hertfordshire business who I follow, some of whom follow me back and some of whom I need to do a bit more work to capture their interest to get them to follow me!

Over the past few months, I’ve sought out leading women in Hertfordshire businesses on Twitter who have grabbed my attention – sharing and absorbing ideas which I can then adapt to fit my own business goals and develop innovative business tips and suggestions for clients.

When it comes to following people of influence, it’s also worth checking out who they follow for inspiration, and where they may get ideas to take back to their own business.

This list is not exhaustive, but mentions women I have come across in the past few weeks, excluding of course our very own super woman in Hertfordshire, Cariad’s MD Justine Perry (you can follow her on Twitter here @justine_cariad ). My list is based not only on their Klout score, but also via general information sharing on blogs and website articles, offline presence at business related functions and retweets to their favourite news pieces.

So, here’s who I’ve recently found to be the …

Top 9 Most Prolific Women in Hertfordshire Business on Twitter

In no particular order:

  1. @HertsHour business owner Dawn-Louise has grown her hugely successful live conversation (#HertsHour) business service to a following of more than 6,800 since June 2013. Join the chat between 8 – 9pm on a Monday evening for guaranteed 2-way conversation, likes and retweets from other Hertfordshire businesses. Klout score 57.

    Dawn-Louise runs #HertsHour every Monday 8-9pm
  1. Catherine Smith of Foxholes Farm, an award winning family business based near Hertford town centre, has not only grown her business offline with an extensive farm shop with a fresh meat counter and gift hampers, outside venue to hire, farm visits, campervan and caravan storage and tea room but online too. Her social media engagement contains a great text to image ratio which inspires great interaction with her target audience. Klout score 49.
  2. @EnterpriseMums, with over 1,000 Followers by January 2016, there’s no doubt that working Hertfordshire Mums are out in force! With a Klout score of 44, this term time only support group is highly supportive on working Mums and returning to work Mums who are looking for inspiration for start-up business, as well as trading to grow their businesses.
  1. Sarah Smits of Ashbourne Insurance isn’t only part of the Hertfordshire Twitterati pack, but a keen Facebooker too. Finance Director of her family run business and mum of two, her social media engagement in both business and social arenas, ensure that her regular presence on social media keeps @Ashbournesarah and @AshbourneBert in the mind’s eye of her existing and target client network. Offline too, her social presence at networking events, award launch evenings and ceremonies, and Herts Chamber of Commerce functions has secured her place on the list too. Sarah actively posts on Hertfordshire events, as well as attending them too. Klout Score 44.

    Sarah Smits
    Sarah Smits of Ashbourne Insurance is a inspirational woman in Hertfordshire Business
  1. Julie Palmer, Editor of Hertfordshire Mercury and Midweek Mercury has a fairly strong Klout score of 49 although could be much higher considering her profession and the opportunities to build engagement via social media engagement. Perhaps adding more images to her posts and adding a written comment to her retweets would improve this score, but in terms of being at the hub of a Hertfordshire business centre, her senior editor role at Herts and Essex Newspapers, places her firmly on this list for me.
  2. Tracey Baum is a Mindset Coach and Trainer based at Life Practise St. Albans, she posts regularly on all three of the social media channels linked to her website. She has started the year with flying colours with good engagement, with almost 700 followers, since October 2012. Klout score 45.
  3. With 6,300 Followers and over 21,000 Tweets Debbie Gilbert, a keen networker and event organiser, recently launching Best Business Women Awards in 2015. If Debbie finds your post relevant to her clients and business in Hertfordshire, she is sure to get on board with a campaign and support your cause. Klout score 53.
  1. Dee Clayton is a motivational speaker, author and public specking trainer and her daily posts share both motivational and inspirational advise on public speaking. Her presence is 2 fold on Twitter, both to advertise her business services, but to position herself as a thought leader in her field. Klout score 49.
  1. Yolanda Rugg is the Chief Executive of Hertfordshire Chamber of Commerce which representing Chamber members’ interests along with supporting business growth not just in Hertfordshire, but globally. Yolanda has almost 2,000 followers and an impressionable Klout score of 43.

    Yolanda Rugg
    Yolanda Rugg is Chief Executive of Hertfordshire Chamber of Commerce


Top tips for following on Twitter

  • Follow people in your industry
  • Find and follow people who do what you do in your home town
  • Engage with their posts, spark debate and share your opinion
  • Be selective about who you
  • Be engaging, try not to always just hit the like/share button without adding a thought or interesting point.
  • Follow up from networking events, meetings and expo’s by seeking out the people you’ve met. (I even ask if I can connect via LinkedIn with people when I’m back at the office – no-one has said no yet!)

Create lists and have a targeted business and personna you follow:

  • Famous Business people and businesses such as Deborah Meaden, and Google
  • Clients and new contacts at networking events Business Networking in Hertfordshire
  • Friends and relatives businesses
  • Industry Award categories
  • Competitors near and far for industry news
  • Neighbouring businesses in the town and county where you work and live

For more information and support with Twitter management, tip & tricks, please get in touch at or call the team for a chat on 01992 582 824.

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