Top Tips: What to Post on Social Media

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Show what you mean with a picture


‘We wouldn’t know WHAT to say or WHEN to say it’


‘What is there to say about what I do?’


… are just some of the FAQs Cariad Marketing hear when it comes to social media. Perhaps your business wants to get social but doesn’t know how? Maybe you don’t think anyone will be interested in your services. Well let me tell you, the people who are online right now searching for these products and services are. And guess what? After the price comparison and product analysis is done, they’ll be checking out what sets you apart from the rest in your industry. That’s where a properly managed, appropriately marketed social media channel can put your brand a cut above the rest. Check out our mini guide of top tips on what to post on your social media channels…


Get organised with your social media management

What to post, when to post it and who will be watching are all really important factors to consider when deciding how to embark into the social media world. Have a really clear objective of what you wish to achieve and how you intend to go about it. Do you want to manage the channels in-house or outsource to a digital agency? Do you want followers in a specific field or do you want quality engagement with future customers? It may be that you already have success in the market place and are great at charitable donations, you just don’t let anyone know that you do it. Here’s the really important bit … at a top level an overall marketing strategy is needed before you begin.


Be prepared to give a little more on your social media

Social media is a fantastic opportunity to engage with existing and future clients on a personal level, the behind-the-scenes stuff. Your community may already know they need an insurance broker, but why should they pick you? It gives your business a great advantage over your competitors by giving you a personality, a human element that maybe you don’t get a chance to show when you are focusing on day-to-day liaisons.

Potential clients who are considering multiple proposals are likely to investigate each company in more detail. You need to clinch the deal over your competitors and remember people buy from people.

Giving them access to professionally managed Social Media links via your responsive website allows prospects to see what makes your business tick. Here’s a list of things we recommend our clients post and celebrate:

  • Charitable event
  • Photos of an assembly line and description of process
  • Awards ceremony
  • Welcoming a new member to the team, a birthday or retirement
  • Client visit to the office
  • Recruitment
  • Networking group attendance
  • Link to industry-related article or company blog inviting comments
  • ‘How to’ information

It could be that you’re already perceived to be a fun business, and want to use a social media platform to give information and advice on your industry to be seen as a top industry guru. Sharing is the first rule of the game.

Show me what you mean on social media

Rather than writing reams of technical jargon, you can’t beat an eye catching image. A picture really can speak a thousand words. With commuters catching up on social media news on the train or whilst having lunch, an image can mean they can still eat or strap-hang on the train one handed without having to type a reply other than ‘Like’ or ‘Follow’.


Show what you mean with a picture
A picture can say a thousand words on social media

Be an Industry Guru on social media

Initiating a debate by asking a question or putting a comment on an article to share an opinion to spark discussion puts you in a powerful and thought-provoking position. You will own that discussion too. We all like to be asked our opinion on a subject that we’re interested in, especially if it’s advice or a recommendation. This post gives an example of a Twitter question during the final few moments of a webinar.

Be an industry guru
Share thoughts and opinions to ignite discussion

A “voice without speaking”

Does your business have many FAQ enquiries which are time consuming and repetitive to answer? Do you just not like picking up the phone and speaking to people, or with your head under a sink repairing pipes all day do you struggle to have the time to give technical info over the phone?

Pointing an existing or potential client to a blog or a conversation on your social media channels will answer this quickly and effectively. The information is in writing, they can read it at their leisure and have a reference point, hopefully preventing a time consuming and costly phone call with a member of staff.

And in the other sense of the term ‘voice without speaking’, most Social Media platforms even allow you to browse without commenting or others knowing you have even visited that page. You can post or view a thought, picture or article without having to verbally explain a thing!

Top 6 ‘Don’t Do’s’ with your Social Media posts

  1. Don’t leave it to a new member of staff who doesn’t know the business well enough. Just because they are ‘young and in touch with that sort of thing’ doesn’t mean they hit the right tone to be the digital (online) face of the company.
  2. Don’t set up a page and commit only to adding content on an ad hoc basis. Do it or don’t.
  3. Don’t post anything. Make sure you have a reason for posting and it’s targeted to the right audience for maximising engagement opportunities.
  4. Don’t assume social media will just be a fad that runs its course. Ensure you have set your overall objectives and have a clear plan of social media channels you are posting on and what you will be posting.
  5. Don’t think that a bad review or comment is the end of the world – it can be a great chance to show how well you handle the inevitable hiccup, as long as it’s picked up quickly and handled well of course.
  6. Don’t hope that your future clients will find you first – seek them out using this fantastic business tool.

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