Twitter’s 10 Year Anniversary

Twitter's 10 Year Anniversary

Twitter finally hits it double-digits today with its 10 year anniversary…can you sing ‘Happy Birthday’ to something that isn’t real? Who knows? So in celebration of Twitter’s 10th birthday and their trending #LoveTwitter scroll down and take a look at when Twitter wasn’t so old – all supplied by the Twitter team themselves.

Twitter Milestones

Twitter’s life story so far

Twitter By The Numbers

Twitter has been connecting people all over the world for a long time now…but ‘that’ famous #Oscarselfie still rules the roost of the ‘Most Retweeted Tweet’ at 3.3million retweets, with the most mentioned person being everyone’s favourite Justin Bieber with 943 million likes. And #FF (FollowFriday) is the most mentioned hashtag at 539 million times (that’s a lot of following!).


Twitter Numbers

Twitter: in numbers

So there’s no doubt that what Twitter has achieved is an incredible feat. But what’s next for the blue birded Social Media platform? Well if you’ve read a few of our blogs then Periscope might be something that’s familiar to you. Brands are already using Social Media to good effect, with many launching their campaigns online to grab the viral audience that awaits, but Periscope offers brands a new way to use Twitter and communicate with people altogether. Red Bull frequently use Periscope for broadcasting many of the live events that they hold.

Red Bull using Twitter's Periscope to full effect

Twitter’s birthday hashtag is trending today so if you want to get in on the action and see what everyone’s talking about, then just tweet with #LoveTwitter and find out! We’ll be celebrating with a piece of cake and a nice strong cup of tea!


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