What a digital marketing agency does

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What a digital marketing agency does

Here at Cariad (multi-award-winning digital marketing agency based in Hertfordshire), we often explain what we do as being an extension of our client’s marketing department. If we are carrying out the full scope of a company’s digital marketing requirements, we like to think of ourselves as their digital marketing department!

Of course, we offer core digital marketing services such as SEO, PPC, social media management, content creation, design work and web development. However, there is also a lot going on behind the scenes that you may not be aware of. This includes creating in-depth strategies, analysing data, carrying out a detailed research and much more. In a nutshell, our main goal is to help you increase website traffic and sales through any (or sometimes all) of the available online marketing channels.

Hopefully, this article will provide some insight into the mysterious world of a digital marketing agency!

What exactly does a digital marketing agency do?


First, we must do an SEO audit, followed by a comprehensive SEO strategy that incorporates in-depth keyword research. Then our SEO specialists will begin to implement a range of tactics designed to ensure your website begins to rank more highly in relevant online searches.

These tactics range from technical SEO, such as fixing broken links and crawl errors, to the creation of new pages with engaging, keyword-driven content. The list of SEO tactics we use is pretty exhaustive, but the overarching aim is to ensure your website ranks highly in relevant online searches which in turn will increase organic traffic and generate high-quality leads.


PPC stands for pay-per-click advertising. It means that you only pay a fee each time someone clicks on the advert. The ads that you see at the top of your Google searches before the organic results are PPC. In a similar vein to SEO, PPC campaigns focus on bidding for target keywords that are relevant to your business and which potential customers are therefore likely to be searching for.

Social media

Our team of social media experts can manage any or all of your social media channels. If you are not sure where to start, we will carry out detailed research to find out which channels your target audience use and what sort of content they engage the most with. We create and schedule strategic weekly posts for your accounts, but we also post tactical content in reaction to industry news or trends.

Our creative team is also on hand to provide unique and eye-catching graphics for your social media posts. As always, we produce detailed monthly reports showing the reach, impressions and engagement for each post.

Content marketing

A huge part of what we do revolves around creating fresh, engaging and informative content for your website. Content can be anything from blogs to infographics, images or videos. Not only is content marketing a fantastic way to enhance your SEO, but it also establishes brand authority and positions your team as experts in your industry.

We put together an in-depth content calendar aimed to appeal to your target market and combine this with target keywords that have been carefully chosen by SEO to improve your search engine rankings. This strategy means that your website content will rank highly in relevant searches, reaching your target buyers with content that has been created for them. An in-depth content strategy also enables us to target the right audience on social media with enticing graphics and text.

Lead generation

Every marketing campaign that we run is aimed at generating high-quality leads for your business. We create comprehensive lead-generation strategies outlining the channels that will be most effective at reaching your target audience and the tactics that will be used to convert them into leads. Using a range of methods – from increasing organic Google traffic to creating unique, exciting content for social media – we can consistently drive targeted traffic that results in high-quality leads.

Marketing strategy

We work in tandem with our clients to build and implement detailed marketing strategies which are designed to provide you with the best possible return on investment (ROI). These marketing strategies are unique to each business and are put together with the help of specialist digital marketing software and insights. The main elements of a marketing strategy are the target audience, business goals and objectives. From these details, we will build on the tactics we use to actively market to your target audience and reach these goals.


Before we begin working with a new client, we decide on a list of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that the client expects us to achieve. We monitor each of these KPIs on Google Analytics by setting up conversion tracking and analysing the sources of your website traffic.

Having access to this data allows us to continually optimise our marketing campaigns to ensure they are as efficient as possible. We can see how many visitors are landing on the page via social media, organic search, paid search and so on, and alter each campaign accordingly. This information helps us to identify which marketing strategies are generating the most leads and sales for your website. We provide each of our clients with detailed monthly reports offering insights into this data.

Web design and support

Your website is the one thing that all your digital marketing campaigns have in common. Whether it’s social media, SEO or paid search, every campaign will be sending leads directly to your website. If the website is slow or poorly designed, those visitors are more likely to leave the website without making a purchase, meaning your marketing budget has gone to waste.

We have a team of brilliant, dedicated web developers who build fantastic, high-quality websites that enable our clients to capitalise on website traffic. We also offer ongoing hosting, support and maintenance, so if there are any issues with the website these can be instantly resolved by our help desk team.

We offer a holistic digital marketing service but are also more than happy to manage a single marketing channel for you. If you are simply looking for help managing your social media accounts or running a paid search campaign, no problem! If you are not sure what you need from a digital marketing agency, feel free to give us a call or email and we can discuss what would work best for your business.

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