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Love it or hate it, Christmas is just around the corner. “It’s only November!” we hear you cry. But, as a team of marketing experts, we know that, when it comes to engaging your target market, this is something you need to start super early (our Social Media team begin their Christmas strategies at the end of summer).

How businesses market during this time, and who to, differs greatly depending on their product, service and of course what kind of customer they are looking for. We have had fun this week identifying the different buyer personas that emerge around Christmas. Have a read below and see if you can spot yourself!

Black Friday Shopper:

If your email inbox has been filling up in the build up to Black Friday, and you have a wish list of very particular items you want to buy for yourself or for Christmas presents, then you could fit into the Black Friday Shopper box. You are strategic in your buying, having researched every site that’s stocking your desired product, and will not rest until you find the best discount. You might be planning on setting an alarm to get the best deals first thing on Friday 23rd November and will maintain a ruthless demeanour when it comes to getting what you want!

Black Friday sale marketing campaigns are so effective as they will have been created months in advance, meaning companies can target the right kind of customer through social media advertising and email marketing. Black Friday marketing will focus on advertising a percentage discount rather than pushing the word ‘sale’ or ‘further discount’ to encourage customers to shop the best deal without being lured in by competitors.  

If you are looking for that gift which is just a little bit extra special, why not consider a sentimental piece of jewellery? Lance James The Jewellers in Hertford is offering an incredible Black Friday deal both online and in store, meaning you can really spoil your loved ones this Christmas whilst also supporting a local business.

Christmas Eve Shopper:

If starting your Christmas shopping before the morning of the 24th of December is alien to you, you are a Christmas Eve Shopper. If you’re a Christmas Eve Shopper you’ll want things that are easy to pick up, such as multipack smellies or pyjama sets, and will want them all located in a department store that has a lot on offer. You want items that are simple to double up on for both your Dad and Grandad’s presents, but are already nicely packaged and therefore need minimal wrapping. You may see Christmas as a ‘one day of the year’ event, rather than a joyous build up, and favour your social calendar over dedicating whole days to shopping. Christmas Eve marketing will be lit up and glitzy, with bright shop windows full of easy to grab items and TV or movie inspired gifts that can be relatable to any fan. Marketing campaigns will advertise these items as being discounted, but they may still be quite expensive for the brand name you are buying.

New Year Sale Shopper:

Does the thought of hitting the New Year sales excite you? Maybe you are a parent who wants to get ahead by purchasing some of your family’s presents now at a cheaper price than might be on offer in the build up to next Christmas. Or are you a super savvy shopper who thinks the New Year sales are a chance to buy discounted wrapping paper and decorations, and take care of all the essentials a whole year ahead?

We know how these sales can draw you in, huge red and white banners in shop windows that scream ‘LAST CHANCE!’ or encourage buyers by labelling items as a ‘bargain buy’. “Discounts can range from anywhere between 25% to 80% off” during the Boxing Day and New Year sales, meaning there can be a lot of competition for brands to stay on top.

Around this time, there will be a lot of small businesses aiming to shift their Christmas stock to make way for their new 2019 items. You may even be shopping for items for every member of the family, including your dog! PetBase, which specialises in dog treats, accessories and bespoke dog crates, is one of these small businesses, and will have a lot of discounted yummy treats and accessories on sale that will be perfect for the months ahead. Take a look at their website here and stay updated on their January sale by signing up to their monthly newsletter!

So, what’s the verdict – are you a strategic Black Friday Shopper, a last-minute Christmas Eve Shopper or a super-prepared New Year Sale Shopper? You could, of course, be a bit of all three.  

Colette, our Business Development Manager, says, “As a working Mum of two boys, with a large network of family and friends to buy for, I find that I tap into all of the above. I will happily set my alarm to make sure that I get that Black Friday deal for the latest gamer appliance. Christmas Eve is usually spent buying last minute for people who have bought for us and decided to deliver the (unexpected) gift last minute. And the January sales are great for picking up next season’s Christmas cards and gift tags”.

Whatever shopping style you favour or if, like Colette, you’re all of the above, we hope you enjoy this season’s shopping – however early (or late) you start!

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