What to Consider: Logo Design

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Branding & Logo Design

Branding & Logo Design

In a nutshell, a logo (short for logotype) is simply a graphic symbol used by an organisation to identify its products or services. Your logo is usually placed at the heart of your marketing suite, e.g. in letterheads, business cards and website. With that said, it is extremely important for your logo to be adaptable across different media.

Other things to consider are the importance of your logo, staying on trend and of course, being different, which I cover below:

Make it a priority

A lot of people are so caught up with achieving their business objectives that they forget about their business appearance. Your logo, website and branding is what will give people a first impression about your business, and if that’s not a good impression, then they’re more likely to go elsewhere. Most new businesses only realise this at a later stage – it would help them more if this wasn’t the case.
Make your logo a priority and then focus on whatever you were doing to begin with.
Keep your logo (branding) fresh, be brave and stay on trend.

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Keep it fresh

Okay, so let’s say that you did prioritise your brand appearance, but now how do you keep it fresh? It’s easy to get lost in everyday stuff and forget about websites and logos. And that’s not a bad thing, as long as you don’t leave it too long.

Design changes frequently, and so should your branding. If you created a logo and a website a while ago, it will now most likely be outdated, so consult with a designer or a design agency and see how that could be improved. Don’t be afraid to re-brand. Even big brands like Nike, Adidas and Apple change their logos in order to stay on trend. Your business is not an exception. If you would like to read more about design trends, please read my other blog here.

Logo Design & Branding

Make it adaptable

When it comes to logo design, make sure it is adaptable. Your logo should work both in various sizes as well as colours. There is no point of having a logo if people can’t see it! Your designer should always provide an example of how your logo will work in different sizes and colours. If they don’t – ask for it.
Make sure your logos is adaptable so it’s always visible.

Make it simple

It’s important for clients to understand that simplicity is the key to everything. Don’t fill your design with a lot of different elements as this is not what makes a logo good. The more you take away from a design, the better and more effective it becomes. A logo should be simple. A simple symbol can convert a message better than anything else – think of brands like Nike, Target and Amazon for example. There are a lot of logos that are really complex and work, but that won’t always be the case.
Keep it simple… it’s that simple!

Be different, think differently

Research your competitors and see what they have. And then think about how not to be like them! Being different is good. If you have an idea in mind, share it with your designer. They will try to come up with something good, but if you work with them, you can come up with something truly unique.
Don’t be afraid to make your logo different so you can stand out.

There are so many more things to cover when it comes to logo designs but for now, this should be enough to get you started.

To summarise:

  • when it comes to logo designs, make sure you prioritise your logo and brand appearance first
  • keep your logo fresh and don’t let it become too outdated
  • simplicity is good so don’t be afraid to make it simple
  • make sure it is adaptable
  • and most important of all, make it different so it stands out from your competitors

If you’re interested in our logo design and web design services, please get in touch.

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