What’s your favourite festive offering?

What’s your favourite festive offering?

We may all be feeling festive at Cariad Towers but there seems to be anarchy in the ranks! I posed a simple question this morning along the lines of “what is your favourite Christmas TV ad” and started a debate worthy of the United Nations!

My answer is simple; I love the Red Bull ad because it makes me laugh out loud.

Carole, our fabulous marketing consultant and social media guru went for the John Lewis ad because she is so impressed by the fact it has had over 19 million views on You Tube (and still counting!). SEO account assistant Sophie also opted for the John Lewis offering; not because of its impressive statistics but rather because she loves the fact that the child featured in the ad is happy for his penguin Monty to be in love at Christmas rather than wanting all the latest gadgets for himself. Ahhhhhh!

Account Exec Sarah and Digital Designer James also love Monty’s message and the emotional pull on the heart strings – Sarah actually likes the fact it makes her cry!

Ryan, our SEO account executive also opted for the John Lewis ad – but as his least favourite because it’s the most successful! (Do you see what I have to work with!!) Admittedly his starting premise is that he doesn’t actually like Christmas television ads and the hype around them (although being a marketer he admires their success).

Are you with Sophie, Carole, Sarah and James on this one or do you agree with Ryan?

Sara, as befits the most efficient office manager in the world, was clear and concise; she loves the Marks and Spencer ad because she likes the fairies!

Copywriter Lesley likes the Sky Movies ad where the family and dog get sucked into the telly set and get spewed out as various different movie characters. I wonder what she’s planning to do over the holidays?!

And finally the youngest member of our team, Digital Design Apprentice George has gone for the Sainsbury’s ad which features the famous WW1 Christmas Day football game. Though some have queried whether an ad designed to shift crackers and booze should feature the war, it has been made in association with the Royal British Legion and all profits from the featured chocolate bar are going to the charity. George though is definitely a fan summing the ad up as “inspiring”.

Happily, peace and goodwill have now been restored to the office – it’s amazing what a cup of tea and biscuit can do!

Enjoy the ads and a very merry Christmas to you all!


Justine Perry

Justine is a digital marketing genius, the brains behind Cariad and the driving force behind the team’s success. When not running an award-winning business, she’ll be with her family, walking the dog or recharging her batteries.

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