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We have just launched another brand new bespoke website, this time for Hertford-based artist Fiona Stevenson. As you’d expect, it’s been a lot of fun for our designers to work with a website that is designed around paintings which they have integrated beautifully into Fiona’s new website. The new website is minimalist – crisp and clean with lots of white space that serves to highlight the paintings and original photography, and we’re really proud of the result. Check out Fiona’s website for yourself at www.fionastevenson.co.uk.

The website was a replacement for Fiona’s old one which needed to be updated technically in order to be fully responsive. We enhanced the user experience with improved site speed, a better mobile experience, and made it easier and more intuitive for the user to find content.

The new site is designed to introduce Fiona to a wider audience, increase her visibility as an artist, showcase her art and facilitate sales. We made it brighter, more cheerful and more attractive in appearance in order to showcase every painting in its best light.

Virtual Gallery

One of the challenges we particularly enjoyed was the creation of Fiona’s Virtual Gallery. This involved incorporating software that displays artworks in the same format as they’d be seen in a physical setting. It’s a great way for the user to interact with the website and ‘walk’ around Fiona’s different exhibitions. And it makes the website more fun too.

About Fiona Stevenson

Fiona is an abstract artist who has exhibited internationally. Fiona paints what she calls “expressions of experience” – by which she means she paints what she feels rather than doing a copy of what she’s looking at. As someone with Down’s Syndrome, she uses her art as a powerful way of communicating her view of the world.

Fiona’s paintings are available for purchase online, and she is available for commissions and press interviews. Use her online Contact form to get in touch.

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