Wondering why you should blog?

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Wondering why you should blog?

Blogs are great and, when planned out well, are probably the most valuable tactic you can implement to boost engagement with your customers, increase lead generation and support your SEO strategies. What’s more, once you have a good blog, you can repurpose its content across your social networks … it’s the marketing tactic that keeps on giving.

Boosts traffic to your website

If people know your business or have been recommended it, they will type your company name into a search engine, such as Google or Bing. But if they don’t yet know your brand, blogs are a great way to boost traffic organically (that’s without paying).

In addition to this, Google loves new content on a regular basis. It wants to see that you are looking after your customers and providing them with content that will help them solve some kind of problem or educate them in some way. Regularly blogging also sends a signal to Google and other search engines that they should be checking your site frequently to see what new content is being published, so they can include it in their index.

Helping social media and converting traffic to generate leads

Every blog posted generates content that can be shared and repurposed for marketing on social networks – Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn – providing exposure of your business to others who may not yet have heard of your business or what you do.

Top tips

Have you heard of ‘Click to Tweet’? Adding Click to Tweet to your blog enables an easy way to promote, share and track your content on Twitter (for free).

Regular posting about key topics within your industry goes a long way to making you look like an expert which, in turn, gives you authority and this content supports your social efforts as, instead of generating new ideas for each post you make on social, you can use content within your blog to repurpose across your social channels.

Generating new leads

As a business, we all want new leads. By now, if you already blog regularly you should see the benefits. However, if you still need convincing…

Well written blogs not only increase traffic but also provide a great opportunity to convert this new traffic into leads. This is achieved by including a lead generating Call To Action (CTA) at the bottom of every blog written. The CTA may be used in several ways:

Some encourage the reader to contact your business to find out further information, to book an appointment or to download something free and of value, e.g. an ebook, free information guide or whitepaper, in return for their contact details.

At Cariad, our blogs support the strategies of the individual clients we work with. By understanding our clients, their customers and their pain points, we write content that engages and educates.

If you would like help with your blogging or any aspect of digital marketing, contact us for more information.

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