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Jessica Court
23 Dec 2016
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My Work Experience at Cariad Towers

For many university students, the arrival of the Christmas holidays means relaxation. Late night study sessions are swapped for extensive periods in front of the TV and the stressful examinations are ditched for raiding the cupboard for the last Roses tin.

This year, however, I decided to make use of my degree’s marketing and PR modules and be slightly more productive. I was offered the opportunity to work for Cariad Marketing in order to put my digital marketing skills into practice and can honestly say that my time here has been nothing short of fantastic. It has not only harnessed my creative skills but has fuelled my desire to pursue a career in marketing.

Not just a tea girl

On my first day, I was extremely nervous. With my degree being in media studies I was paranoid about not being business savvy enough for a professional environment. However that was quickly put to rest. Justine and her team were very welcoming and her 20 minute talk about marketing and the nature of her business probably taught me more than my module at university.

I was quickly put to work on the social media side of the business, assessing the Twitter accounts for a variety of companies to encourage a larger following. While I did find it challenging, I was able put the theory I had learnt within my marketing class to the test and create enjoyable content.

Throughout my time here, I was made to feel like a member of the team instead of just helping out. I was allowed to be creative, throwing myself into writing and contributing to blog posts on a number of topics, from the Tower of London to garage doors! It made me feel much more confident about pursuing a career in marketing, especially copywriting, as I now know that despite my degree not being in business, I still possess the necessary skills to undertake all tasks quickly and effectively.

A lesson learnt

The 9 till 5.30 shifts seemed to whizz by and I actually feel quite sad about leaving as I have thoroughly enjoyed my time here. I learnt that in the real world it’s not about hitting the word count or how many theories you can recite, instead it’s about the quality of your work – remembering the message you are trying to convey is the most important rule in marketing.

I would recommend work experience to anyone to undertake a marketing internship, especially at Cariad Marketing who were not only welcoming, but have made me more motivated for the future. I cannot thank them enough for this opportunity.

Now, just to get that 2.1 grade….

A massive thank you from #TeamCariad to Jess who worked extremely hard during her work experience.

Jessica Court work experience at Cariad


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