Launch of new website for M-Y eBooks from Cariad BusinessWeb

Launch of new website for M-Y eBooks from Cariad BusinessWeb
23 Jan 2010
Web Design

Cariad Marketing are delighted to announce the launch of Hertfordshire based M-Y eBooks new website.

M-Y eBooks provide a one stop shop for eBook publishing, eBook marketing and eBook distribution, indeed they are THE eBook specialists. They provide a professional eBook service which covers everything from eBook concept consultancy to eBook formatting, eBook typesetting and eBook design.

It’s a great opportunity for authors, writers and poets – in fact anyone who wants to publish their work in the modern eBook format.

The Cariad Marketing team wish M-Y eBooks every success with their new website.


Justine Perry

Justine is a digital marketing genius, the brains behind Cariad and the driving force behind the team’s success. When not running an award-winning business, she’ll be with her family, walking the dog or recharging her batteries.

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