Using Stories on Linkedin: Marketing Agency 2021 Tips

In the ‘mobile first’ world of social media, it makes sense that the social giants continue to evolve the platforms in order to deliver fresh content to audiences, in the quickest, easiest and most engaging way possible.

Launched back in October 2020, LinkedIn Stories was rolled out worldwide (except in China) and has proved a popular choice for both individuals and brands alike. Linkedin marketing agency strategies were quickly formed as those working in digital marketing began to see the potential of this platform as a medium to increase lead generation and speak to their consumers in a new and exciting way.

Indeed, according to TechCrunch, Story viewers are ‘growing 15X faster than feeds, so brand behaviour needs to evolve’. So what does that mean for time-pressed small businesses?

What is the point of LinkedIn Marketing Agency Stories?

First off, let’s explain what LinkedIn Stories are and how they work.

You may be familiar with Stories on Facebook and Instagram, and to be honest, the LinkedIn offering isn’t vastly different.

Stories display at the top of your Home Feed and allow you to browse the latest news, products, photos and goings-on of your favourite brands and professionals that you follow. As a user you can quickly and easily swipe from brand to brand without the need to wade through your entire Newsfeed.

The official definition from LinkedIn Marketing Solutions is that Stories are “a lightweight way to share more playful professional moments with your community.”

So, in the context of most small business brands, this means they are perfect for sharing ‘in the moment’ photos such as behind the scenes in the workplace, water cooler moments, company culture and celebrations etc. They are a great way to implement your content marketing strategy.

The key benefit is that you therefore do not need to clutter your newsfeed of carefully crafted brand images and graphics with the more relaxed and fun content which showcases your brand’s personality.

Do LinkedIn Stories help your brand?

Stories on all social media platforms help to build brand awareness, drive engagement and strengthen brand identity.

Viewers love the snappy, visual content which they can skim through and quickly absorb.

And it’s not just your target audience who will lap up the content. It is highly engaging for employees, customers and suppliers who develop a deeper connection with your brand.

Whilst not necessarily ideal for conversions such as leads, they do, in particular, attract viewers from visual learners who may not take time to read lengthy Posts or click Ads.

Whilst generally tactical by nature (capturing the here and now), your small business should have a strategy behind Stories on all social platforms – in the same way you would have for Posts and Ads.

So, if you are concerned whether Stories will help your brand – the short answer is yes they do!

How to post a Story for your brand

When you login on your mobile device, and assuming you are an admin for your company page, alongside your circular profile photo you will see your brand logo with a plus sign on it.

Take a photo or video (or upload one from your camera roll) and add text, stickers, @mentions, questions and/or a swipe up link.

That’s it – you are good to go!

Of course, if you do not already have a social media marketing strategy and execution plan and need some help, get in touch with our team who will be only too happy to help.


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