The cleanest website we have ever built – launching Lean Caffeine

The cleanest website we have ever built – launching Lean Caffeine
22 Apr 2020
Web Design

When it comes to websites, we are used to building the best, the fastest and the most functional website we can. But when we were presented with what Lean Caffeine had to offer, we wanted to up our game even further.

Lean Caffeine produces the world’s “Cleanest Coffee”. Free from mycotoxins (yes, we had to look them up too!), pesticides and metals, this means that the coffee doesn’t just taste good, it’s great for you as well! Presenting how clean and pure the products they offer are, was top of Lean Caffeine’s agenda. Their current website was dated, and the products weren’t presented in a way that made the brand shine. We accepted the challenge!

What makes it so clean?

Mycotoxins are naturally occurring moulds that are found in food. Believe it or not, they are rather common-place in everyday consumables, including coffee. So it was important to Lean Caffeine’s Managing Director, Jamie Sukroo to ensure that the coffee he was providing was completely free of these, and lab tested to prove it!

Why now?

With a personal tragedy as the catalyst to starting the business, Jamie has created the “Four Pillars of Health” which are his foundations of health:

  1. Fasting
  2. Eating Healthily
  3. Exercise
  4. Sleep

So in addition to the caffeine range of products, Lean Caffeine also offer a “Clean & Pure” range which includes Collagen Protein Powder and Bone Broth, both of which give amazing health benefits such as optimised heart health and great looking skin. The range is growing so take a look at the website to get up to date.

The team at Cariad had a great time working on this website project, and an even better time sampling the wonderful coffee.  Now has never been a better time to aim to being the healthiest you can be.


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