Top 5 things your website management should be doing

Top 5 things your website management should be doing
18 Jul 2019

Your company’s website has now become one of your most important assets, meaning that your site’s health and management is key to your business’s success.

Here are our Top 5 things you should be doing as an essential part of your website management.

Regular Plugin/Core Updates

If your website is on a Content Management system, like WordPress or similar, you must regularly update plugins and cores. If you don’t, you are leaving your site open to a cyber attack. Updating the plugins monthly doesn’t take a lot of time and significantly reduces the risk of a hack.

Contact Form Testing

One of the issues that’s off-putting to potential customers and clients – and can lose business for your company – is when your contact form isn’t working at all or isn’t working as it should be. Problems are most likely to be due to a plugin causing the problem. After you have updated the plugins on your site, it’s worthwhile doing a test on all contact forms to make sure there are no problems. Regular tests are also a good thing to add to your To Do list to make sure you aren’t missing any submissions.

Site Speed Checks

When updating your website, you usually upload new images. If the new images are not optimised correctly, the site speed will drop, giving the user a bad experience. To combat this, regular site speed checks are definitely worth doing. Sites like GTMetrix will give you the low down on the things you should do to improve site speed, such as resizing images.

Search Console Checks

Google’s Search Console is a fantastic free tool used by many businesses to monitor, maintain and troubleshoot any problems your website might be having. Problems you might not even have thought of will be picked up and you will be provided with a solution to fix. Search console is perfect for beginners and experts.

Backup Site Regularly

How often you are updating your website will affect the amount of times you need to back it up. If your site is being updated consistently then a regular backup needs to be done. This is in the rare event that the database or files are lost – you will be able to restore the most recent version of your data, with minimal loss of work. If you rarely update your site, then a backup doesn’t need to be done as often.


Alex Moody

Alex is a black belt in Web Support and is often found fixing problems with client websites as lending a digital hand to the web development team. He’s also a black belt in mixed martial arts and has been known to halve a breeze block with his real hands.

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