20 Actionable Ways To Improve Your Office Reception Design

20 Actionable Ways To Improve Your Office Reception Design
9 Mar 2015

After improving our own office design here at Cariad towers, SEC Interiors got in touch with us about how we could improve our office reception here, with this lovely infographic!

We’ve got to say, our favourites are #1, #15 and #20 (#1 probably the most, for obvious reasons).

SEC in their own words said to us: “People sometimes forget just how important it is to have a professional and smart-looking reception area. It’s like going for a job interview where first impressions really count – you don’t want it to be a bad reflection of what your company really stands for and you definitely don’t want it to look scruffy”.

One of their points that they also raised which we really liked was this: “You really shouldn’t have to introduce yourself to new clients by apologising about your reception – it’s not going to help your relationship!”

And here it is…

(Original source: //www.sec-online.co.uk/about/blog/427-office-reception-design-ideas-infographic)

Office Reception Design Infographic



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