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East Anglia Cardiology Website Launch
20 Aug 2018

East Anglia Cardiology’s new website is amazing!

We have not been working in vein – another website has just been launched from the chamber of Cariad’s website development team (they certainly have their finger on the webdev pulse)! This time on behalf of East Anglia Cardiology who provide mobile cardiopulmonary disease services for small animals.

Our client didn’t need a large website, but did want it to be bold and simple in design, fast and easy to use, as well as fully responsive. The use of black and white images, with splashes of the company’s logo red give the whole site a classic look and reassuring feel.

One of the main tasks of the website is to sell the company’s innovative ECG/EKG electrode clips, Comfy Clips, which have been designed to be easy to use for vets at the same time as reducing discomfort for their feline and canine patients. The website therefore needed an online ordering and payment facility with PayPal, which we configured to show stock levels. As a specialist product, the clips are sold around the world, which meant we also had to configure the payment facility to calculate the appropriate shipping costs at the checkout.

East Anglia Cardiology, new website

About East Anglia Cardiology

East Anglia Cardiology is run by vet Paul Smith who specialises as a small animal cardiologist. Paul travels to veterinary practices all over East Anglia to monitor and treat cats and dogs with heart and lung diseases. He carries his own specialist equipment around the region so he can undertake ECG monitoring, echocardiography, blood pressure measurement, and bronchoscopy. Being on the move like this enables him to charge pet owners less than those referred to specialist centres, and without the need to transport the pet any further than the local veterinary practice.

As a specialist in veterinary cardiology, Paul realised that an alternative to the usual alligator clips was needed for small animals, and in 2009 commissioned the development of Comfy Clips. Designed especially for use on cats and dogs, the Comfy Clips reduce discomfort to the animal, and there is no need to clip the fur. He oversees the manufacturing process himself and sells the clips direct to veterinary practices which is why it’s so important that he has a good website.

However large or small your company, we can design, build and optimise a website that is designed around your business strategy. Contact our Hertford team to find out more.


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