5 reasons to go responsive

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difference between adaptive and responsive

1. The growth in mobile search

Mobile devices are on the ascendancy globally and have already overtaken sales of desktop PCs. The growth in mobile search and mcommerce (online sales via mobile devices) simply cannot be ignored, they’re here to stay!

2. Your website will look good on an iPhone or tablet

Responsive website design has been developed because more people are searching for products and services online via their mobile devices; RWD delivers an improved user experience which will encourage longer site visits, improved sales and repeat visits.

3. Simplified business analytics and reporting

Businesses operating more than one website will have reduced and simplified reporting because the analytics will focus on one site rather than many.

4. Save money on a separate mobile site

Those businesses which have invested in multiple websites will save costs through creating one responsive site and are likely to reduce the level of their mobile app investment too.

5. Be the first in your market place

Responding to your customers’ needs to be able to enjoy a better website experience will give your business a major advantage and edge over your competitors.

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