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Folding Design guidelines

From a design point of view, being a digital marketing agency doesn’t mean that we only do digital – our creative team face many challenges on a daily basis and one of them is designing for print. Folding guidelines

It is true that your business will benefit from having a really good, functional website, a social post or an online ad, but without the physical touch, sometimes the human side of your business can be lost. It is extremely important that, on top of your website and social media, your business also considers printed collateral as a way of marketing your products or services.

One of the most cost-effective forms of printed marketing is the humble leaflet. But when thinking about the finished design, you will have to make decisions on how you want it folded. You might not have realised just how many different options there are!

Folded leaflets come in different sizes and there are number of considerations that you need to bear in mind when it comes to choosing the right one – each type will be better suited to different purposes and the kind of information you want to convey. If you’re not sure, you can always give us a call and we can discuss what’s best for you, but meanwhile, I’ve written a handy guide.

Picking the right fold for your brochures and leaflets is important and requires time and thought. #print #papercraft Share on X

Half-Fold / Bi-Fold

This is the most common fold where paper is simply folded in half. For example, an A3 sheet half folded to A4 sized, A4 half folded to A5, A5 half folded to A6, and so on.

Paper folded in half

Letter-Fold / Tri-Fold

Paper is folded in thirds, with one flap covering the other.



Paper is folded in thirds, accordion style.

Z-Fold Accordian Style

Accordion Fold

Paper is folded into four or more sections, accordion style.

Accordian Fold

Single Gate Fold

Paper is folded with the two outside panels each folding towards the middle.

Outside panels to middle

Double Gate Fold

A GateFold that is then folded in half again.

GateFold folded in half again

Pocket Folder

Pockets are folded up and then the folder is folded in half.

Pockets folded up and folded in half

Picking the right fold for your brochure is important and requires time and thought. If you want to discuss the best way to present your printed marketing, contact us for a chat.

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